#RevolutionaryReads November

I would like to declare November the month of #RevolutionaryReads and invite all of you to take part.

Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘revolutionary’ as either ‘involving or causing a complete or dramatic change’ or ‘engaged in or promoting political revolution’. We can think of it even broader.

#RevolutionaryReads are about bringing radical change to how we see the world, our society and ourselves.

#RevolutionaryReads are about challenging the status quo, dismantling systems of oppression and divesting institutions that nurture such systems of their power.

#RevolutionaryReads are about owning your voice, your truth and your story, because being heard when the rest of the world speaks over you is a revolutionary act.

#RevolutionaryReads, most importantly, are about something that found its way deep into your heart and changed who you are for the better. No one but you can decide what or who started a revolution inside of you.

Whether books that fit this description is all you ever read or you came across one that does for the first time in your life, feel free to join and spread the word! Let’s inspire each other to read more books like this and let’s use the hashtag #RevolutionaryReads this November to build a collection of powerful literature to uplift and educate each other, grow together and change this world for the better one book, one thought and one action at a time.

Share your #RevolutionaryReads with us and I will be happy to highlight them in my stories!