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London Trip and Book Haul

As I entered Foyles on Charing Cross Road, I was dazzled by the sight of so many bookshelves—all around me and above my head. Once my eyes got used to the beautiful surroundings and could focus again, I noticed the greeting right in front of me—Welcome book lover, you are among friends. Indeed, I was!

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World Cup Book Haul and How I Pick My Next Read

It’s World Cup time and I’m right where I need to be—in Moscow, Russia! As the finest players try their best to score more goals for their teams, I keep my eyes on my reading goals. That’s why I decided to share my World Cup book haul with you and list everything I bought in the couple of months leading up to the tournament. It’s also a great opportunity to write a little bit about how I pick my next read and what goes into my decision to buy a book.

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