Hey there!

I’m happy and excited to welcome you to Along My Lines! Hopefully, you’ll love it out here and will join the AML family—our devoted readers, social media followers and contributors.

Before your visit turns into a one-click stand, let me tell you what we’re all about.

Along My Lines started out of love for books and the need to pour out your soul in writing once you turn the last page. But we’ve come a long way from there, and what used to be my one-man blog turned into a collective effort.

Exploring all that greatness out on the bookshelves takes a village, and I invited friends and fellow creatives to join me. And together we went even further.

Along My Lines grew into a curated platform for book reviews, poetry, articles and essays, social and political commentary, and so much more. And out of that diversity emerged a clear vision that informs all the work that we do here.

At its heart, Along My Lines is an effort to build a community around ideas that inspire and liberate, transform and educate, make us grow and make the world better. No matter the format. But wherever we go from here, there will always be a special place for books.

At the end of the day, Along My Lines is all about our voices, and the power of reading and writing to uplift them. And that’s why we get so excited when you come here and share yours.

This project has been years in the making, and it finally feels just right. As I wrap up this inaugural blog post, I can’t hold back my smile. Thank you for being here! Comment, like, share, follow us on social media and bring a friend!

Ivan Makeyenko