Bad Feminist | Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist | Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist is a truly wonderful collection of essays that reveal a great deal about the state of our society, pop culture and politics. But for me this book has a special meaning. Before I even read it, I got to meet the author, heard her speak and had my copy signed.

Back in September of 2015, Roxane Gay visited UCLA to discuss the book that took the campus—and the entire nation—by the storm. From the moment she got on stage at Royce Hall, it was clear that she is very personable and charming. Gay knows how to strike an unlikely balance between being super honest and vulnerable, yet hilariously funny. She has a lot of opinions, and I’m glad she’s willing to share them all with us.

A few months after the event, I finally read Bad Feminist, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was the same highly opinionated wisecracking voice that won me over earlier. It was even more of Gay’s observations and musings, as insightful and humorous as ever. And it was the same message that I see every time when I flip the book cover.

‘Ivan, embrace your bad feminist,’ wrote Roxane Gay. And so I did.

Roxane Gay's autograph